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Artist Holding a Paintbrush

Art by

Pauly  Jay

Art by Pauly Jay

Painting has a long history that dates back to prehistoric times when early humans created rock paintings and cave art. Throughout history, painting has been used as a means of recording historical events, portraying people and landscapes, and expressing cultural values and beliefs. I get most of my inspiration from travelling and seeing different art styles.

Art by Pauly Jay
Custom Piece


You can contact me to discuss your ideas and vision for your custom artwork.  Questions about the size, medium, and subject matter of the piece, as well as any other details you would like to include would be discussed.

Previous custom piece



This custom piece, the client asked for blues whites oranges with a little yellow and green.

Art by Pauly Jay

She wanted a silhouette of Ashoka in black so I found the perfect image to make the painting perfect. The colours really worked well and the customer was very happy.

Art by Pauly Jay
Art by Pauly Jay

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Art by Pauly Jay
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